by Grainger

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released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Grainger Detroit, Michigan

Summerspin LP out now on SPOTIFY, ITUNES, AMAZON, and more.

twitter/insta: @grainger_music

Watch my MUSIC VIDEO for "Drive" on youtube!

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Track Name: Shine
I just wanna drive with someone.
Sun is up,
I just wanna shine on someone
and love.

Looking at trees,
hills and fields we pass.
I can feel loss,
but I'm still moving faster
for you.
Track Name: Pushing
I'm a little rabbit.
I wanna go a little faster now,
outrunning the habits.
I wanna go.
You can let me have it.
Lose your handle, you can shout.
Pushing on the pedal,
I wanna go.

Pushing on the pedal.

Tired of the paper.
Feeling wrong,
and I want it right.
I can do a favor,
I have all night.
Lost you like a stranger.
Wanna come a little closer now.
Pushing on the pedal,
I wanna go.

Pushing on the pedal.
Track Name: Spin
Hold is coming loose,
I don't wanna slip too soon.
Tie me in a knot,
so tight.
Everything moves
But I don't wanna spin too fast
and lose.

Summer needs the sun,
feel it from above now.
Don't you need someone around,
lighting you up,
spinning around your head,
driving you through town?
Track Name: In Blue
Track Name: Burn
I don't want you to leave.
Even at night,
I still wanna see.
Burning inside
with a need.

I'm sorry that I tied myself to you.
Didn't wanna knot you up inside.
Now you're tangled up with someone else
and I'm not.
I'm twisted too tight,
and alone.
Track Name: Drive
We could chase the miles away.
I would follow
if you lead the way.
Come on, call me.
The road is right.
I've been thinking about your lines,
and tracing them
with my eyes.
Track Name: Smokeshow
Come on, call me.
I need someone.
I'll be falling
through all your love.

Feel me truly.
I need someone.
You can show me
through all your love.
Track Name: Around
No one around.
No one in this house.
Just so down.
Lost you
Like I lost the rest.
Nothing good is left.

Someone's around.
Someone's in this house.
I'm not down.
Lost you
Like I lost the rest,
But all the good is left.
Track Name: In Green
Track Name: Jonesing
You said
You'd probably hit it.
I said
tell a joke,
I'd probably get it.
I'll tell you anything to make you think,
stall you for a minute.
Just so I can tell you what I think,
Don't want you to hit it.

Got a place to be?
We could go together.
Will you hold on to me?
Tight just for good measure.
Been here in a dream,
never with a tether
tying you to me,
Wonderful weather.

Heading out,
walking a mile
in a minute.
God knows how
long you'll be walking by yourself.
Sent you a note,
Hope that you get it.
I've been waiting for one like it.
and now you know,
If you read it,
it said you should let me know where you're going.
Matter of fact,
You could let me know
by showing.
And I know you won't,
still just don't want you to slip and fall.
But say you do,
Picture me going down with you.